A new generation of vaccines
Intervacc AB is a Swedish company active in the biotechnology sector. To meet the increasing demands of effective vaccines in animal health Intervacc develops new vaccines based on recombinant proteins.

The technology platform is based on research at the Karolinska Institute and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The focus is primarily on the development of its first vaccine candidate, Strangvac ®, which is a vaccine against strangles caused by Streptococcus equi. Strangvac ® has shown good documented protective effect against a disease that presently lacks a safe and efficacious vaccine.

Intervacc is a public company with more than 180 shareholders. The research team along with Nordvacc Läkemedel Holding, Knutsson Holdings and Lyftet Holdings represent the major shareholders.



CONTACT US: Tel. +46 (8) 120 10 600 E-mail: info@intervacc.se