AHTAnimal Health Trust, Newmarket, England.

AHT is an independent trust working within animal health since more than 50 years and has more than 200 employees, including research staff and clinicians. AHT is one of the few institutions in Europe where experimental infections classified as high risk to the environment can be performed. At the Allen Centre facility, Intervacc has tested its prototype vaccines in horses.
Moredun ScientificMoredun Scientific, Edinburgh, Skottland.

Clinical trials, pigs
The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala.
Karolinska Institute, KI, Stockholm.
PX´Therapeutics, Grenoble, Frankrike

PX´Therapeutics, which is a subsidiary of Aguettant Pharmaceutical has been employed by Intervacc as contract manufacturing partner for the manufacture of Strangvac. The company has the experience, equipment and personnel to manufacture recombinant proteins from E. coli in compliance with GMP regulations.
PharmacontrolPharmaControl, Uppsala

Analyses of Strangvac® for stability studies

Novavax AB, Uppsala

Novavax have developed a patented technology that enhances the effect of vaccines (adjuvants). The technique is based on different immune-stimulating components, saponins, which are extracted from the tree Quillaja saponaria. Following purification the immune-stimulating components produce different complexes named iscomes. Iscomes are included in several authorised vaccines amongst one of which is a vaccine against horse influensa. Intervacc has an agreement with Novavax to use the iscome technology in its strangles vaccine.
Sofus Regulatory AffairsSofus Regulatory Affairs, Stockholm

Regulatory issues
AWA PatentAWA Patent, Stockholm

Patent agency
LindahlLindahl, Stockholm

Legal issues
Ernst & YoungErnst & Young, Stockholm

Financial and strategic advisory