The company own four patent families. The patent families include a total of 20 issued patents in various countries and a further seven patents pending.


  • Trivac, WO 2004/032957 A1, (priority year 2002).
    Patents granted in Europe, New Zeeland, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada and USA.
  • Penta/Septavacc, WO 2009/075646 A1, (priority year 2007).
    Patents granted in New Zeeland and Australia
  • Strangvac® , WO 2011/149419 A1 (priority year 2010)
    Patents granted in Europe, USA (US 9,333,252), China and Australia

The primary purpose of the patents is related to protecting the company’s vaccine product Strangvac ®.

In addition, one patent application describes the possibility of developing vaccine products against diseases caused by Streptococcus zooepidemicus. The application describes in detail the various vaccine components, and the development and application method. Furthermore, the application also describes different combinations of vaccine formulations tested in animal experiments including mouse and horse.

Another patent application describes the components included in a vaccine against Streptococcus suis.

In addition to patents, the trademark for the vaccine Strangvac ® is registered as an approved drug name.