A new generation of vaccines within animal health

Intervacc AB is a Swedish company active in the biotechnology sector. We develop new vaccines based on recombinant proteins to meet the increasing need for effective vaccines in animal health care, with a very good safety profile.

Together with our two subsidiaries Nordvacc Läkemedel and the Mybac-Vettech Laboratory, we strive to strengthen animal health and welfare. Here you can find more about the Group’s products and services and our vaccine candidate against equine strangles, Strangvac ®, the first of the new generation of vaccines.

  • Intervacc’s subsidiary company Nordvacc have over 30 years’ experience in the veterinary vaccines market, serving the Nordic, Dutch and Baltic markets with more than 200 million doses sold
  • The technology platform is based on research from the Karolinska Institute and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Strangles

    a highly contagious infectious horse disease lacking adequate vaccine protection

Interview with Intervacc´s CEO, Jan-Ingmar Flock

In this video interview Intervacc CEO Jan-Ingmar Flock answers questions about the company and the first vaccine candidate, Strangvac® against Strangles – a highly contagious, equine plague affecting horses.

The interview is avalible in Swedish only.

VD Jan-Ingmar Flock