Intervacc develops veterinary vaccines based on fusions of recombinant proteins. Our first proprietary vaccine Strangvac®, a vaccine against the streptococcal infection strangles that affects horses, is now available in several important European markets. Strangvac® addresses a severe (fatal), common and highly contagious global disease. It is a vaccine with great coverage against all globally circulating Streptococcus equi strains, with the potential to be a game changer in the fight against this devastating disease.

In addition to Strangvac®, we have an exciting development portfolio of veterinary vaccine projects that are in a pre-clinical phase.

The Intervacc group also include Nordvacc, who markets and distribute products within the Animal Health segment in the Nordics. Mybac-Vettech a accredited veterinary laboratory in bacteriology and mycology is another important operation included in the group and alltogether we have a clear focus on Animal Health.

Our investors section includes information regarding our market, major shareholders, corporate governance and a financial calendar. External analyzes of the company are conducted by Erik Penser Bank, among others, and these are presented at Penser Access.

We look forward to you taking part of the information and hope to welcome you as a shareholder and to participate in an exciting development towards new, safe and effective vaccines within Animal Health.