Mybac-Vettech, a laboratory providing accredited veterinary analyses, is a part of the Intervacc group. The laboratory offers clinical animal health diagnostics since more than 20 years.

Mybac-Vettech provide a wide range of fast and accredited analyses in bacteriology and mycology. The customers, mostly situated in Sweden, are veterinarians and animal hospitals which always obtain a unique, personalised and professional service. The laboratory cooperate closely with a number of private Swedish animal health laboratories and together they offer an almost complete range of analyses at competitive prices.

Quality assurance in Animal Health

SWEDAC-ackreditering 1596The laboratory’s quality assurance program includes the Swedac accreditation for the bacteriological and the resistance tests (microdilution / VetMIC). This is a profound base for the clinical safety.

Successful control of infections is based on diagnostic analyses carried out in laboratories with highly skilled and validated methods of analysis. To maintain this, sufficiently large sample volumes are required.

The increased requirements of the targeted and appropriate therapy have resulted in the implementation of a validation and accreditation program for the current analysis. Therefore the laboratory is connected to an internal calibration system, the CVL (Central Veterinary Laboratory) in the UK. This is especially important in resistance tests in clinical bacteriology. The generated so-called MIC values are profound for the correct choice of antibiotic and of proper dosage.

The test results do guarantee customers the highest clinical safety, since they are performed by well-trained staff and by validated analytical methods.