The company have its own sales organisation within the Scandinavian countries through its subsidiary Nordvacc Läkemedel AB. The Mybac-Vettech laboratory is a subsidiary focusing on diagnostics in the Swedish animal health market.

Marketing of veterinary vaccines

Nordvacc have a long standing history of supplying the market with animal welfare products for over 30 years. Our Stockholm-based subsidiary Nordvacc have sold over 200 million vaccine doses and have a local office in Denmark.

With a well established market position, the Group actively work to enhance our product portfolio and to continuously adapt the portfolio to the market demand.


Our ISO-certified and well-renowned subsidiary the Mybac-Vettech laboratory, offers bacteriological and mycological analyses on the Swedish market. The laboratory is situated in Stockholm, Sweden and is since 2007 accredited by Swedac in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025 regarding bacteriology and resistance testing with microdilution/VetMIC. With a track record of more then 20 years and always assuring high quality standards, Mybac-Vettech serves its customers in the best possible way.

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