The bacterium Streptococcus suis causes sepsis and meningitis in piglets, leading to widespread losses in pig production. Strep. suis infection is one of the most common bacterial causes of fatal infection in newly weaned pigs. This is considered globally as one of several major health problems in the pig industry. There are approximately 960 million pigs in the world.

Demand for new effective vaccine against Strep. suis

Today there is no effective vaccine against Strep. suis infection available on the market, although a lot of research is aimed at a better understanding of infectious mechanisms. Since protective antibodies can be transmitted through the early colostrum when suckling, vaccination of pregnant sows will also be an important part to consider in the development of an effective vaccine.

Strep. suis is a zoonotic bacteria that also affects humans and is of global importance. The development of new effective animal health vaccines is a crucial tool for reducing overconsumption of antibiotics and for reducing the widespread resistance of antibiotics. Globally, more antibiotics are used in agriculture than in human medicine, in some countries up to 80% as a preventive and growth-promoting measure.